Battle of the Brewers

Fyne Ales / Stewart Brewing

I was delighted to have my design picked for the poster and pumpclips for the annual 'Battle of the Brewers' event. This year's event saw Fyne Ales pitted against Stewart Brewing in a contest to make the best flavoured stout (Fyne used coffee, Stewart used chocolate and raspberries). Drinkers tried both drinks in a blind tasting, then voted for their favourite.

For the design I looked into old wrestling posters then designed characters to represent the two breweries. I mimicked vintage two-colour posters with an off-white background, halftone shading and distressed type. The design was made into a poster to promote the event, then two different colour versions to represent beers X and Y on the taps.

Battle of the Brewers Poster
Battle of the Brewers Pumpclips
Battle of the Brewers Detail