8 September 2014

As a regular at Paisley Beer Festival, I noticed that each year there were familiar things I'd spot, such as a guy wearing a novelty traffic cone hat and a loud cheer if anyone dropped their drink. This started a conversation which gave me the idea to create a bingo card featuring illustrated icons of the typical things you see at a real ale festival.

I tried to keep things positive, with some humorous items poking fun at the real ale scene alongside things like finding your ‘perfect pint’.

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11 March 2014

I recently signed up to Skillshare, a new website which runs online classes in design, business, technology, etc. I sometimes do online tutorials to learn new stuff, but this site takes it a step further by creating an online class atmosphere where you get feedback from your tutor and students.

There are loads of classes to choose from on the site, all run by experts in their field. You pay a small fee to get signed up to a class (usually about $15–$25 (use this link to get $10 credit http://skl.sh/1ghkP2D)), set up your project page, watch the online videos posted by the tutor, then post updates on your progress on your project page as you go along.

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20 May 2013

Way back in May last year I spotted a competition hosted by Inkygoodness to create a character out of beermats. I decided to take part, with the idea of making a hop character out of cut up beermats.

Below you can see the process of how I built him, and the finished character 'Nelson Sauvin'.

I chose a hop as my character because I wanted it to be beer themed. I cut out and assembled the parts from beer mats pilfered from some local establishments, painted him up and gave him bottle tops for eyes. The name Nelson Sauvin comes from a variety of hop from New Zealand.

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12 May 2013

Last month I nipped over to Berlin for a few days to attend the Pictoplasma conference. Pictoplasma publish some great books which are really useful for inspiration – I own the two hefty volumes of their Character Compendium which are always great to flick though to get you in the mood for coming up with your own character illustrations.

This was my first time attending their conference, a full-on overload of inspiration spread over three days comprised of lectures, cinema screenings, gallery shows, workshops and club-nights.

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8 February 2013

Working with a graphic designer is a two-way process. They're there to lend you their expertise and produce the best work they can so that the final artwork exceeds your expectations. There are certain unwelcome requests that will seem all too familiar to designers, but may seem reasonable to everyone else. Hopefully by understanding why these requests strike fear in the hearts of designers you can avoid ending up on Clients From Hell, and build a successful relationship with your designer.

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19 December 2012
I recently designed the new logo for Fiona Watson Photography. I was really pleased with the end result and I felt that the process ran really smoothly - I thought it would be useful to show you how I went about designing it so that you can see what a logo design involves and why doing it properly is a worthwhile investment for your business.
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