I got into art at secondary school, where I got told that my drawings looked too much like cartoons. I learned to draw ‘properly’, then in 1996 decided to study graphic design at Coventry University as a way that I could make a living from doing something fun and creative.

Once I graduated I got a graphic design job working in-house for an office furniture company. Then in 2006 I moved up to Glasgow where I worked at a digital printers, designing and preparing artwork for print. This gave me experience of designing everything from vehicles to signage and posters, juggling deadlines, communicating with customers and working accurately with measurements and specifications.

In my spare time I got back into drawing, where I was allowed to draw cartoons and develop my own style, inspired by the boom in ‘urban vinyl’ and character design.

Successfully selling my illustrations on iStockphoto and being approached by Kidrobot and Nickelodeon gave me the confidence that I could do this for a living if I worked hard enough. In 2010 I went part time and set up Tom Holmes Graphics & Illustration, then in 2012 decided I could go freelance full time.

My business continues to grow as I pick up new clients, improve my skills and work on more and more exciting projects. Yours could be the next!